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IndianDating Love Stories

Happy Endings and New Beginnings at IndianDating!

Bringing people together is what it's all about here at IndianDating, and we love to hear success stories, like these, from members who have found their IndianDating match.

Love, romance, companionship, and friendship could be just around the corner, as these folks have found out. Just think, next time you're behind someone at a traffic light or you pass a cutie in aisle 7 at the supermarket: Could he be my IndianDating match? Just like you, our members are real people looking for someone to share moments of laughter and beauty, someone who will show you all things wonderful in life.

We believe that fairytales do exist, and though kissing a frog may not turn him into a prince, the next time you send a message or an eye contact to a IndianDating member could be the start of something beautiful!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your IndianDating match or tell us about your Love Story today!

Who among us believes in fairy tales ???

Happy IndianDating CouplePooja was a "newly" single mother of two. Being a full time employee as well as a full time mom, there was little time for much else in Pooja's life. Yet as young , vibrant , and outgoing as she was, Pooja knew she wanted more for her life. She longed to meet new people, create new memories, and to move forward in her own life. How would all this be possible ? Where and when would she find the time, as a single mom, to go out and meet new people. Then , as if sent by an angel, , Pooja discovered IndianDating !! This was the perfect situation for Pooja. She could search for new interesting people at her leisure, in the safety & security of her own home. Though skeptical at first, Pooja decided to give IndianDating a try and posted her own profile, all the while searching for a profile of someone who seemed to share her interests and met her own criteria of someone she would be possibly willing to meet. IndianDating gave Pooja total control to make her own choice at her own pace.

Nadeem was a thirtysomething bachelor who worked nights. He was growing ever so tired of the "meat-market" atmosphere in the bar scene. He wanted to meet someone, but not in a bar, which in Nadeem's case made it difficult. Not too many social places were available at midnight when his work day usually ended, other than the local bars of course. One day, Nadeem discovered IndianDating and decided "what the heck" and posted his own profile on IndianDating, never really expecting much to come of it . Nadeem, while posting his own profile and searching through the many listings on ID discovered a great feature in "eye contacts". This feature allowed Nadeem to send a "message" to alert someone that he had been impressed by their profile. When the person was alerted, they had the option of responding back or doing nothing at all. IndianDating allowed every person involved to be "in the driver's seat". Nadeem decided to take a chance and made an "eye contact". That person was Pooja.

I am here to tell you that I am Chris, and that the before mentioned "eye contact" took place nearly two and a half years ago. Elizabeth and I, over the course of that time , became best friends and companions, true soul mates !!! We have since been married and have a new little addition to our family, a beautiful baby girl !! Without the help of IndianDating we may have never met !! So for those of you who are skeptical, I ask you one question. Who among us, believes in fairy tales??

Pooja and I do !!!!
Thank you IndianDating !!!

IndianDating Match, IndianDating Hitched!

For those still searching out there, do not give up! We have found the person of our dreams. By that I mean the person of our dreams from youth. You know, the person you wonder, "Who will she be?", "Where does she live?". I have found her and she has found me.

Happy IndianDating CoupleWe both had almost given up on finding that one true love. Both of us tried your service as a last hope of finding someone special, after hearing your radio commercials. As I type this to your website email, she is beside me smiling. I love this woman with all my heart. And she loves me. We never would have met without your service. NEVER!

Your service has helped many I am sure. But this time, you have brought together a family. Now, we are 8 total, maybe 9 in the near future. Always searching, but never finding that true love you only read about in romance novels.

Since the day we both met, we have been inseparable. We have so much to be thankful for this year. Our love for each other began long before we met. Time has no boundaries on love. Our love transcends the boundaries of time.

Thank all of you at IndianDating.
P.S. Our grandchildren will tell this story for generations to come.

You know you've found a IndianDating match when you feel a spark of recognition at first sight.

I am a 27-year-old, very attractive, professional female that was having trouble meeting nice guys that weren't intimidated by the fact the I make a good living and own my own home. I was a little nervous about this, because I was afraid people wouldn't be honest.

I searched the profiles and found one guy that sounded exactly like me (good job, house, dog, attractive), so I sent him not only 1, but 3 eye contacts. He sent me a message and then it continued back and forth. After a few weeks we talked on the phone and then met for dinner. He had sent me a picture but he didn't have one of me, but when we saw each other we were very shocked and relieved. They say that when you meet "the one" you just know, and now I can relate. We have so much in common and want all the same things in life.

So I just want to say thank you, and maybe you could print this so people will know that this really works. Thanks again!

We welcome the skeptics, we love hearing that they too, found their IndianDating match.

IndianDating, thank you sooo much. I met a wonderful man through IndianDating - and I was a major skeptic! We have been dating since July. We went to the Western Caribbean on a cruise together, and enjoy one another's company a lot. We live 90 miles apart, but 90 miles has never seemed such a short and unimportant distance.

I HIGHLY recommend IndianDating and thank you very much...

Finding a IndianDating match makes life complete.

I just wanted to let IndianDating know that because of you all, I was married on February the 8th of 2010! I met my wife through IndianDating and I can't thank you enough for having the site. We thank you and are very thankful that there is someone who actually cares about people and the one thing that stands above all things bad, and that is love.
Thank you IndianDating....

Finding a IndianDating match brings a special person in your life.

I just wanted to write to say Thank you. I have never signed up with an online dating service before, but I am so happy that I did. Because of this service, I was able to meet the man of my dreams. I signed up with IndianDating and within a few days I was talking to Anjum.

Anjum and I met a day later, he lives only an hour away, and it was total chemistry even before he got out of his truck. We instantly connected online and we connected even more when we met face to face... We are so happy and so in love... I never believed in dating services before, but I recommend IndianDating to everyone looking for that special person... IndianDating is AWESOME....

Rethink past relationship patterns, and start over with a IndianDating match.

In a total leap of faith and out of complete desperation, I placed an ad thru IndianDating. It has to be the best thing I have ever done. I met a wonderful man finally after years of going nowhere and abusive relationships. I don't even know where to start to thank you.

I Eye Contacted who I thought to be the perfect one for me. Turns out I was right! We have been going on dates for about 3 weeks now and decided last night to begin seeing each other exclusively.

Thanks IndianDating. I guess the legend of the cherub with the arrows is true, because I have been shot right through the heart by a god who lives only a few miles from me.

Looking for a IndianDating match is easy. Our site is one of the good parts about dating.

I just wanted to say that I have tried a number of Internet dating sites (Yahoo, Kiss, etc.), but personally for me I think that IndianDating is by far the best. It has more customer feedback, and its format is easier to understand. I don't have to battle my way through this site and have to try numerous methods to achieve my objective. It is all simplified and made easier for the customer to do what they want to do. That is why I chose IndianDating to be my main Internet dating site, and upgraded to a full membership.

Thank you IndianDating.