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Male, 29

Dating in Dehradun

HEllo Girls if you need a partner to spice up your life than i am available for you. you can contact me at my number  8     0    0   6   3    6   1   8   8   5   . YOu can also add me on [censored].

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Male, 20

hello frnds

somya mail me rvpandey2010@[censored].com 

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Male, 35



      Once i met a little girl , made me feel like she was lost 

       she seem to be in eternal bliss but shrouded with wink in brow.

        The wood was dark and full of wolfs , made me thought to offer a...


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Female, 51

chatting etiquettes

Hi there....... nice to connect with you here.....i have being on this site long enough....i have come across many people...but somehow i am unable to connect with the right person ....i find that many people lack the basic etiquettes and that what i believe puts me off.... i would like the members and readers of the blog to please share your experiences and suggestions that would help me and others like me to learn the right way to...


11/19/14 2:39 PM | Comments (7)


Female, 26

any one whoz crazy about [censored] n talking abt it can post their views n suggestions to others.. ;) :)

hiiiiiiii all...Lemme first thnq u al for visting my blog.. <3


All i wanna say is.. why dont/cant we start sharing one of the best thing about our personal tip for others or fresherz so that every one can get the pleasure of enjoying their turn fullest ryt.. so come n keep posting the best bedtime secret to make our [censored] life awesome...


Will be waiting for the best [censored] secrets


8/16/14 8:21 PM | Comments (13)


Male, 21

Hi Frnds

if any girls arround Coimbatore , tirupur mail me shiva.ram1122@[censored].com

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Male, 25

anybody interested with make a [censored] with me i will pay for that pls let me know anyone is interested


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Male, 36

Creation of Andriod Mobile version of this dating site

Dear creator of this site....please create a Android/Smart phone mobile version of this Indian dating site. It will be a great advantage to chat/talk with partners on Andriod/Smart phone version. Currently this PC/laptop version keeps us tiedup to the desk.

3/11/14 2:41 PM | Comments (1)



 am siva  wishing  all my dear friends a happy and prosperous christmas and splended new year, -------------siva [9952538800],,contact me soon surely i may not be loging to this site from february15 so awaiting precious voice of true girl friend who  has true faith and love towards me


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Male, 31

faisons connaissance

envide de faire des rencontres virtuelles puis reelles

11/22/13 9:03 PM | Comments (0)