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Male, 31

Need a doctor support for coping with homosexuality
Are you getting married ? Have questions about life after marriage? Consult with best sexologists online in the India. Also get to know about low testosterone and fertility treatments. Get access to check for STD symptoms. Get all your questions answered just from home by a specialist doctor at CupidCare. CupidCare is a telehealth platform focused sexual and...


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Male, 18


Hello दोस्तों आप मुझे इस मेलid पे सर्च करें anandakash268@[censored].com    ।।फेसबुक पे मैं इंतजार करूँगा आपके friendrequest की ...jiyatiwari aap mere email ko search karke mujhse [censored] pe miliye

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My Search has restrictions of advance search

Dear Site admin,

Whenever i do the search for females i get a strange reply.." You've made too many search queries, so your access to our search facility has been TEMPORARILY BLOCKED. Please try again."

I dont understand why the search is blocked....i have taken paid mem bership on this site from past two years...

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Male, 30

take and give [censored] when ever you want

hello females any one want to get secret time [censored] with me then write me on  people99sakarwat  at   g mail  com and get full entertainment


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Male, 30

give and take secret [censored]

hello females any one want to get secret [censored] with me then write me on people99sakarwat@[censored].com and get full entertainment

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Male, 18

Kochi guy here

Hi everyone Thank you for reading this. I am jacob from kochi and I joined this site today on March 25 2016. Looking for women in kochi and nearby areas. If u want to ask me about anything email at

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Male, 39

Looking some [censored]

HI , Interested for & looking for some [censored] ..message me ..

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Hi Ladies

any one looking for [censored] with bit of spicy stuffs pls do write

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hi just joined to this site and i'm new to this on line dating thing so i don't know but i'm gona give it a try and i would like to meet someone that is beautyfull from the inside with a kind heart someone that wants to take long walks on the beach while watching the sun set and we can share our thoughts and who i can talk to and trust and i could do the same for her you know be there for her phsically and mentelly if you think your that some one please mail me at sidhu50444860@[censored].com...


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This Mysterious phenomenon of Seduction!

Not all pretty women are able to seduce all men and not all handsome ( so called ) men are able to seduce women. The one reason is they do not generate enough magnetism for others to feel it. Seduction is after all the power to create a strong magnetism of personality and  charisma. 

THe chances of anyone able to seduce anyone else over an electronic medium is very dim.. nonetheless there is a probability. We all are either looking to seduce and to be seduced. Most...


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